Portugal to host the Women's European Lacrosse Championships 2024

25 Oct 2022 Sports Events

A historic landmark for Lacrosse in Portugal. The countries belonging to the European Lacrosse Federation (more than 30) voted unanimously on Portugal's bid to host the European Women's Lacrosse Championships in 2024 in the city of Braga. The Bid to host the event was made in colaboration with O-Sports. 

O-Sports will be co-organizer of the event, being in charge of event logistics, competition management, catering, accommodation and other event-related services, ensuring a professionaly organized event. 

The event will bring together over 1,000 participants, 18 national teams, for 10 days of intense competition. This will be the biggest Lacrosse event organized in Portugal, and the official debut of the portuguese women's lacrosse team in international events.

The event is planned for July 2024, with final dates to be announced soon.

If you like sports, and would like to practice lacrosse at the highest level, get in touch via info@portugal-lacrosse.pt and join the training sessions to represent Portugal in the European Lacrosse Championship 2024.